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Early cancellation of current AFIP payment facility plans

Early cancellation of current AFIP payment facility plans

AFIP’s «My facilities» system includes a new functionality to cancel early payment facility plans in force.

Said cancellation is made through the generation of an electronic payment flyer that will last 24 hours after being managed.

The taxpayer or person responsible must arbitrate the necessary precautions so that during the validity of the electronic payment flyer (VEP), the funds and authorizations for its payment are available and that said period coincides with the days and hours of service provision of the respective payment entity.

Said system will calculate the amount of the debt to be canceled, which will be composed of the amount of the installments due and unpaid and those not due, without taking into account the result of the direct debit of the installment of the month in which the early cancellation is requested.

The option is one-time, from the month of the expiration of the second installment of the plan. To this end, the taxpayer must submit a multi note in theagency in which he is registered, indicating through which bank and payment network the cancellation will be made.

Source: General Resolution (AFIP) 4407

Report Date: January 31 , 2018

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