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Systemic characterization of AFIP to potential Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Systemic characterization of AFIP to potential Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – SMEs.

  • AFIP implemented within the registry system service the systemic characterization “Micro, Small and Medium-sized Business Potential (SMEs) -Section I and II” for taxpayers who assimilate to those registered in the MyPymes business register and do not exceed the billing parameters of Resolution 220 – Ministry of Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • Said systemic characterization will be made based on the total annual amount of sales of the average of the last 3 years; if said period has not elapsed, the annual income of the elapsed period will be averaged.

  • If it is an incomplete year, these amounts will be annualized.

  • It is a condition to be characterized to have submitted all the sworn declarations of VAT.

  • The subjects adhered to the simplified regime will be characterized as Potential Micro Companies.

  • The aforementioned characterization will allow the taxpayer to access these benefits:

    • Special conditions in the payment facility plans.

    • Exclusion of withholding regimes or tax collection.

  • Said process will be systemic and will be carried out during the first fortnight of May with the information as of DEC 31 of the previous year. Exceptionally, the first process is carried out as of SEP 02, 2019 in the registry system under these codes:

    • COD 434- Micro Enterprise Potential

    • Code 435- Potential Small Business

    • COD 436-Medium Business Potential Section I.

    • COD 437- Medium Business Potential Section II.

  • The inscription in the MyPymes Companies Register will imply the loss of the characterization.

  • Those subjects NOT categorized as potential Micro, Small and Medium-sized Companies that meet the requirements, may request enrollment in the MiPymes Business Registry.

Source: General Resolution AFIP 4568


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