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1. External audit


  • Performed by experienced professionals
  • Updated auditing techniques
  • Local and international recognition
  • Adds value to your company

The growing complexity of the financial environment and the information flow demand companies to request external audit services that validate their procedures, provide improvement and offer guarantees to their financial statements.

Audit work requires the conjunction of professionals who are highly trained and who have experience working in first rate companies, as well as applying updated auditing techniques –both local and international –which are specific to the audit subject.

At Abelovich, Polano & Asociados our goal is to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the company’s operations and internal control as well as the fulfillment of the policies established by Management.

Our Firm is focused in providing clients with a report full of suggestions to improve operational and administrative internal controls, which definitely contribute to a better performance.

Please, contact us regarding the work guidelines that could be implemented in your company and you will be able to evaluate that we are a perfect fit for your external audit.

2. Internal and Operational Audit


  • When required, we provide a turnkey solution
  • We design and organize the work
  • We collaborate with the compliance of regulations
  • We help implement control procedures

In a competitive environment, the internal audit operates as a defense barrier, increasing and protecting the value of the Company assets.

Internal audit, a complement to external audit, seeks to monitor controls. Even though internal auditors are part of the company, we can help improve the monitoring system, in accordance with needs.  

We focus on:

  • Designing and organizing the internal audit providing this service externally.
  • Evaluating or establishing internal control procedures to preserve company’s assets, ensuring the reliability of the information, promoting efficiency and encouraging staff members to adhere to the company’s policies.

Please, contact us so that we can let you know the best way in which we can assist you.

3. Special audits – Due Diligence


  • We have extensive experience in this area.
  • We cover all the different stages of the operation
  • We provide services to both buyers and sellers side.
  • We help maximize the completion of transactions.

Our staff members specialize in verifying how your busines should be structured and backing up its value.

Due to the complexity of businesses. Our service provides solutions to a wide variety of events. We have a team of experts on mergers and acquisitions, which is essential for this task.

We have performed –considering changes in context –the valuation and appraisal of companies, commercial brands, and real estate, as well as take-over processes, mergers and selling of corporations, and reviews of joint ventures by analyzing their business plans establishing their value and evaluating their investment plans.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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