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Process and Computer Technology

Consulting and Audit Services in Controls:

Our audit and control consulting services are designed to minimize risks and ensure that these changes do not compromise business controls. Our practice includes services such as:

  • Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley Regulations (Certification 404, Self Assessment Process.
  • Function segregation assessment.
  • Evaluation of the design and effectiveness of the controls associated with the different business cycles of an organization.
  • Developing SOC Reports (Service Organization Reports – ex SAS 70)

Consulting and Auditing Services

IT consulting services will help meet business objectives, ensuring the integrity, availability and reliability of company information. Our key services are:

  • Evaluation of general controls, reviewing:
    • Development of programs and systems
    • Managing changes to programs
    • Operations management
    • Access to programs and data
    • Physical Security
    • Logical security (WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX, AS / 400, SQL databases, Oracle, etc.)
  • Platforms and configurable revision (Windows, unix, linux, OS / 400, etc.)
  • Evaluation and selection of E.R.P.
  • Network security assessment and intrusion testing

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