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Tax Services

1. Tax Consultancy


  • We look for tax savings.
  • We provide counseling on all tax matters and jurisdictions (municipal, provincial, state, and international).
  • We provide comprehensive counseling.
  • We are an international organization able to guide you in the planning of your business on a worldwide basis.

The Firm provides comprehensive consulting on national, provincial, and municipal taxes through an evaluation of the requests in an dynamic way.

We focus on the utilization of tax credit, tax losses carried forward, tax deductions, promotion benefits provided by current standards, and analysis of agreements to avoid international double taxation.
As part of Nexia International, we assign experts who are familiar with complex tax subjects all over the world.

2. Preparation and review of national, provincial and municipal tax returns.


  • Preparation of affidavits.
  • Global view of statements.
  • Assistance with making the best out of your filing.

We have more than 30 years of experience improving the filing processes, we understand your business and improve your profitability.

We prepare and review affidavits of all kinds of taxes, especially regarding income tax, personal property tax, value added tax (VAT), internal tax, stamp tax, and turnover tax. In addition, we prepare and review refund requests on VAT related to export.

The end products delivered are reports to both Management and Board informing the problems detected on the company’s operations, a positive solution, and the minimum work programs that should be implemented through an internal department or externally by our Firm.

3. Tax planning


  • Taxes from a business perspective.
  • Planning to help achieve your goals.
  • Professionals specialized on taxes who are familiar with your business.

In a competitive environment, tax planning and how they affect your business is not a small matter and it should contribute to the company’s efforts.

We work together with our clients planning their operations, to correctly assess their tax impact and provide a compliance calendar to cover their tax obligations.

Additionally, the Firm issues newsletters to clients so they are permanently informed of fiscal news that may have an impact on their businesses.

4. Other tax services

Additionally, the Firm provides tax consultancy on:

  • Preparation and review of tax provisions.
  • Assessment and quantification of tax contingencies.
  • Assisting clients with inspections and replies to tax requests.
  • Representation and defense of the taxpayer against bodies such as AFIP [Federal Administration of Tax Revenue], AGIP [Government Administration of Tax Revenue], ARBA [Collection Agency of the province of Buenos Aires], Tribunal Fiscal de la Nación [Argentine Administrative Tax Court], and others.
  • Defense on administrative and judicial court regarding closures due to tax breaches.
  • Solutions to tax foreclosures.
  • Information systems.
  • Requesting reductions or exclusions of advance payments on special regimes, withholdings and collection of state, provincial and municipal taxes.

International taxation:

  • Assessment on planning of international transactions.
  • Implementation of agreements with other countries to help avoid double taxation.

Transfer prices:

  • Assessment on planning international transactions.
  • Preparation of the analysis and report on transfer prices as expected by the Income Tax Law.
  • Analysis of contingencies regarding the obligation of certifying that transactional prices of transactions with related parties are consistent with market  conditions.
  • Preparation and review of affidavits related to international transactions between independent and related parties.

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