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Money laundering prevention


  • Allows the company to comply with legal obligations
  • Service adaptable to the organization
  • We carry out all the actions and presentations as well as the assembly of manuals and training.

Financial Organizations, Capital Market Agents, Insurance Companies, Credit Card and Healthcare Companies Operators have the responsibility to complete the FIU Decisions that establish a new risk-based approach.

This change offers a great opportunity to make prevention procedures more efficient by targeting those risks that the organizations establish in their analysis.

It implies that the obligated subjects must establish their “Risk Profile” through a “Self-evaluation” that includes procedures and controls in order to identify, evaluate, mitigate and monitor their risks with regard to customers, products and / or services, distribution channels and geographical areas.

Additionally, the subjects must define a “Risk Matrix” that allows customers to be identified according to the assigned risk and to establish the corresponding due diligence procedures on that basis.

As an advantage we can mention that:

i) It allows efforts and resources to be focused according to the established risk levels,

ii) at a Corporate level, procedures can be reduced and at an Economic group level, efficiency can be generated

iii) Programs for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (hereinafter PLAyFT) are adjusted to the nature and size of the Organization and are consistent with the level of risk identified.

At Abelovich, Polano y Asociados we can provide you with a service according to the needs of each organization, since we have a team of professionals with experience in the field and trained to carry out the tasks of PLAYFT.

We help clients with various jobs, such as:

Annual report of the Independent External Reviewer (Res. 67/2017 UIF)
  • Detailed review of existing internal control measures and their operational effectiveness.
  • Identification of aspects of improvements and suggestions for their implementation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Training Programs.
  • Dictation of courses in our offices or in the Organization.
PLAyFT assistance and tasks support.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Procedures Manuals.
  • Assistance in the preparation of Customer Profiles and the Risk Matrix.
  • Assistance in carrying out procedures for the preparation and administration of customer files.
  • Comprehensive consulting on PLAyFT


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